Wednesday, August 20, 2008

PMS Damn Kau

3 HUGE pimples colonised on my face; one at the chin, one below the inner eyebrow, and one right in the middle of my nose. All BIG FAT and RED. And my other part...omfg I feel like bursting. Literally.

Hate hormones. HATE HATE HATE!

Can freaking skip the PMS and stay in fertility forever ah?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. Freaking emo now. Maybank online banking failed. Online retail therapy failed. Attempt to love myself failed. Freaking paper. I feel damn wrong today. Ish.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

So Are You Half Full Or Half Empty?

I was writing this half full/half empty theory when I came to this.
Honestly I think I'm a half full person, half full glass of beer. ><

Smile and cheers people! ;))

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Steph Is Officially Broke.

Lil tips to make youself happy (when you're broke).

1. Retail therapy. If you're broke, go for something real cheap. Eg. A mug.

This is the correct way to hold a mug.

2. DIY, do your hair.

3. DIY, pimp your nails.

4. Draw.

5. Grab something sweet. Eg. A piece of cake. If you're broke, 2 table spoons of sugar will do.

6. Sleep.

7. Wait, before you sleep count from 1 to 7 and make a wish that your bank account will grow to 7 digits when you wake up.

Good night people.

Ok I'm sick of my own childhood pictures appear in the first post. ><

I spent RM1110 on cosmetics yesterday. Feel damn high. The last time was during MNG sales when I spent RM1200 or more.

Crazy woman.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Once Upon A Time.

When I was just a lil girl.

I remember my sister would put me on the back seat of the bicycle and cycled me to the coffee shop nearby. She'd order a bowl of lou-xu fen (mouse noodles) which costs RM0.50 for me, kids are supposed to eat lou-xu fen, I used to believe this until I turned 10. My drink would be nothing other than hot milo, this is another rule for kids. Then she'd put me on the back seat again and send me to the kindergarten 500 meters away. I remember I was the quietest girl in the class. I had no cute face, no nice pink dresses, no barbie doll long hair, no 100% for my exam. I didn't even get a consolation prize in the colouring competition which I tried so hard to win. During the kindergarten convo, I played as a tree in the sketch. I think I would not be noticed if my skin is not dark. I remember my childhood friend laughed at me and called me Malay girl. Even until now he still think it's funny.

When I was a bit elder.

I remember my sister would walk me to the school. Every Monday morning, she'd say "Don't step on the grass!" "Don't dirty your shoes!". Sometimes she'd buy me a pack of nasi lemak which costs RM0.60, sold by the stingy lady who refused to give extra bit of sambal. I remember I was still the quietest girl in the class. Ordinary, not the good girl whom liked by the teachers, nor the naughty girl whom always get caned. My skin didn't get any fairer.

When I was a bit more elder.

The boy next class said my skin colour is special, another called me his wife, and I received the first love letter in my life. I won third place in a few story telling competitions, Priscilla always beat me flat by winning the first place. We started to get close, and because of her popularity in school, I started to have more friends. She taught me to read teens magazine, we would talk about Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys. I was chosen as the class monitor, teachers started to remember my name. I finally got a human character in the sketch.

When I was more than a lil girl.

My sister taught me to tailor my uniform so that it will look nice just slightly above the knee. I didn't bother to avoid the grass on Monday anymore, and my school shoes were never white. The boys in the bus sent me notes everyday to ask for my number. I was the pelajar cemerlang even though I always sleep in the class, and because of that, I was still the quietest girl in the class. I represented the school in a few national competitions, and involved in a few school events. I have more friends in and outside the school. Even though I'm not a kid anymore, I still drink milo and dislike soft drinks. Till now, my skin is still as dark as usual.

I look like an Indonesian maid in this picture. ><

Can you spot the ordinary girl in this picture?

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Last Friday.

Needless to say more, let pictures tell the story.

Side track: Fry's new tattoo which looks more like Death than Peace.